Friday, February 26, 2010

It's Pink Saturday!!!!!

Feel The Love

I have the most beautiful refrigerator in the world. My life has had its ups and downs the past few years. Some good, many very difficult, they all have been life changing. I like where I am now. I am content and a little too busy. Most importantly I am LOVED! All I need to do is walk by my refrigerator and I am reminded what is important, what really matters. My little nuggets; Dylan, Colby and Katelyn made this amazing art just for me. When I walk by I can feel the love. I have the most beautiful refrigerator in the world.

Have a wonderful weekend fellow Pinkies. Feel the love.
Pink Saturday is hosted by the always fabulous Bev from "How Sweet the Sound"

Friday, February 19, 2010

Welcome to "Pink Saturday". Bev from "How Sweet the Sound" is our lovely hostess.

A Royal Injury ( AKA The Pink Eye )

Last Saturday I had a photo shoot at the "Paxton Winter Carnival" for the newspaper. I thought that it would be a lovely idea to bring Princess Kate along for some winter fun. Things were going perfectly until she walked into another group of sledders coming down the hill. Up she flew and came down on her face, breaking her glasses and messing up her cute little face!

Being the crazy little trooper she is, back up the hill she went.

By the next day her face had turned a royal shade of pink. Her mom and I were horrified and ready to run her to the emergency room. She thought it looked pretty, after all pink is her favorite color.

Kids are so amazing. Within less than a week all trace of her "boo boo" is almost gone. I would have been scarred for life. She wants to go again. I want to curl up on my sofa under a blanket and sleep till spring. It's much safer.

'Till next week, fellow Pinkies, have a safe and fabulous weekend

Friday, February 12, 2010

Welcome to Pink Saturday. Our lovely hostess is Bev from "How Sweet the Sound". Bev is under the weather this week with gall bladder issues so we send out our best wishes that she is back to normal soon.

The Sweater

About 30 years ago when my daughter was little my Aunt Bev made a sweater for her granddaughter, my cousin Carolyn's daughter. How I loved that sweater. Hers was blue but I always envisioned it in pink. I searched for that pattern for over 30 years. Then one day I found a site on the internet called "knit list". Within two days someone came up with the very Mary Maxim vintage pattern I had been searching for all those years. I took one look at the pattern and panicked. I tried to plead with my aunt to make it one more time but she very wisely told me to at least try it myself. This sweater and I have had many unpleasant conversations with many colorful but unreprintable words. When it was done I felt the most unbelievable sense of pride and accomplishment. Now I have an heirloom for my granddaughter that I made by myself. I will NEVER make this sweater again. My Aunt Bev is a very wise woman and I still love this sweater. And I was right, it is much prettier in pink.

Happy Valentine's Day fellow Pinkies, and Bev get well real soon!

Friday, February 05, 2010

Welcome to Pink Saturday.
As always the lovely Bev from "How Sweet the Sound" is our gracious hostess.

I must be honest with all my fellow Pinkies about my relationship with the color pink. For many years you would be hard pressed to find this color anywhere in my home. I am very much a rustic kind of gal surrounded by rich jewel tones and dark woods and primitive furniture. But the very day I found out that my next grandchild was to be a little girl I had an epiphany. I craved the PINK, it was all about the Pink and everything pastel and girlie. It was like I now had permission to get in touch with my girlie side again, and I have used that poor child to justify my new obsession with the Pink.

There is still no pink to be found in most of the house. That is until you enter the inner sanctum which is Kate's room. Next week I will explore this Pink domain in more detail but this week is about what I see every night before I go to bed. I always stop to give her one last kiss goodnight and make sure that she is still covered and warm.

Her cat Twilight is always draped beside her and keeping watch over her while she sleeps. They look so sweet together and it lets me end my day, no matter how chaotic, with a smile and a reminder that I am the luckiest Nana in the world.

Have a wonderful weekend my fellow Pinkies.