Friday, December 18, 2009

Welcome to Pink Saturday. Bev from"How Sweet the Sound" is our lovely hostess.

This week we are to share one of our holiday traditions. I couldn't come up with a long standing family tradition so I am going to share some photos with Santa. You can call it our little tradition.

This was probably taken December 1955. Remember those wonderful department store Santas? We didn't need fancy displays. Just a chair and a cheap backdrop. We didn't care, it was Santa!

By the time my children sat on Santa's lap, we went to the MALL. Santa's chair was a little grander and he had an entourage.

Now it's the grandchildren sitting on Santa's lap and it has become a full blown production. There are dancing elves and Christmas trains. There's a professional camera crew to capture that precious moment to keep forever. This is a Hawaiin Santa. Notice his tan and creepy smile. No wonder my poor grandson was crying. This guy is kind of scary.

We have never been able to get Katelyn anywhere near Santa. You could promise her any Christmas gift in the world but she wasn't buying it. We ended up putting Grandpa in a Santa hat complete with beard to get her into the Santa spirit. She knew who it was and I ended up with my favorite of all Santa photos.

Until this year. This most amazing Santa won her over. It took him awhile but he reeled her in and now she is hooked on Santa. She checked out his beard and his hair and decided that he was the real deal.

We ended up having to pry her off his lap. Now she wants to visit him every day.

Now every year we pose in our Santa finest headgear and take a family photo.

Have a VERY MERRY CHRISTMAS this week fellow Pinkies!!!

Saturday, December 12, 2009

Welcome to "Pink Saturday". Bev, from "How Sweet The Sound" is our lovely hostess.

Today's post is about our favorite ornament. I have so many favorites That it was impossible to pick just one. The above Santas are from my Nana's home and the roly poly was bought for my son's first Christmas in 1975.

Believe it or not but all eight reindeer and Santa Claus are squished into this Hallmark ornament from 1993. I have been collecting Hallmark Christmas ornaments since they first appeared in 1973. This one is my absolute favorite.

I am really getting into handmade nostalgic ornaments. This one I made for an online art group I belong to. The angel is very special to me. She looks just like my mom when she was very young.

This one was purchased at Vallaincourt Art in Sutton, Ma. and uses the same angel. I spent a lovely day with my wonderful friend Karen and got to see a perfomance of "The Night Before Christmas" performed by Charles Dicken's great, great grandson. It was a magical day.

This beautiful reindeer belong to my Grandpa and Nana and hung from their tree every Christmas . I am so lucky to have it for my tree.

The Charlie Brown Tree is new this year but has already claimed my heart. It brings back so many memories. Every decoration I own has a story and connects to the past. Thinking of the past helps to get through the present. A hope for a return to simpler times.

Have a wonderful weekend fellow Pinkies.

Friday, December 04, 2009

Welcome to Pink Saturday. Our lovely hostess as always is Beverly from "How Sweet The Sound."

As I get older I find myself visiting past Holidays and remembering how simple everything seemed to be. These photos are from 1955.

There was a beautiful innocence about the world. Or maybe we were so sheltered from the world. This was my very first Christmas in 1954.

This bobble head Santa belonged to my Nana and every Christmas sat on a shelf in her kitchen. The felt Santa was usually near the television in her living room. The roly poly was bought for my son for his first Christmas in 1975. They are some of my favorite things.

How adorable is this? It's the Charlie Brown Tree. When I saw it at the store I immediately knew It had to come home with me.

Have a wonderful weekend pinkies.