Wednesday, November 08, 2006

I have recently discovered the world of altered art. Kate's birthday card is my first attempt with this new (to me) creative outlet. I am seriously hooked.

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lila said...

Joyce,thank you for visiting my blog! Your grandaughter is a real little doll...I thought at first the photo on your comment was a doll!
Yes, I own most of Tasha's books but have never met her. I've seen her on video and she is very reserved...I'm sure you have wonderful memories of the St. Nicholas tea!
I owned a quilt shop for awhile and recognized the fabric she had used for a dress she was wearing in the 1990's, so I added a swatch of that fabric to my book collection.
Also, Mary Brubaker, one of my quilt shop customers is a cousin of Tasha's. Mary had made a wonderful crazy quilt with all the family tree in embroidery on velvet...the great-grandfather who sailed the seas...and ancestor who rode up the steps of the captial builing on horseback, Tasha...and so on.
Mary was so excited when I told her that Tasha had a cookbook now. She got one and said, "These are recipes I remember in my family!"
Have a lovely Thanksgiving!